Ask For Grants

Seattle Polish Foundation awards grants supporting events and initiatives in line with our mission of promoting Polish culture and language in the Pacific Northwest.  

Grants are awarded to local organizations and individuals and you don’t have to be Polish or a Polish organization to receive a grant – SPF is a public 501(c)(3) charity and does not discriminate. What’s important is that the cause being supported by the grant aligns with the SPF mission. For example, our past recipients include the Chopin Foundation NW Chapter concerts and competitions, the NW Film Forum retrospectives, etc. and also individuals organizing concerts, lectures or meetings with Polish interest.

Besides issuing grants with direct financial support, the Foundation can also decide to get involved in a local initiative or project by accepting donations targeting the initiative or even by running an SPF fundraiser supporting the project. If in doubt, contact SPF Officers to learn what is applicable for your cause.

To apply for a financial support grant, write an application letter to the Foundation with the following info:

  • Name and contact for an organization or individual asking for the grant
    • Please include a description of the current status of your organization or your individual situation
  • Reason for the grant
    • Describe the event, initiative or cause that you would like to be supported by SPF
    • Include all the relevant details such as event date & time, venue, (co-)organizers, detailed schedule etc.
    • Attach a description of an overall cost or budget for your event and indicate how you plan to get money to cover costs not covered by the SPF grant you are asking for
    • Attach documents or testimonials relevant to your application
  • Grant justification
    • describe how awarding a grant for your event etc. supports the SPF mission
  • Last but not least:
    • Indicate the amount you would like to receive

You can send the application to SPF by email or by regular mail. When sending by mail, send it to the Foundation address. When sending by email, send it to [email protected]