The Foundation is a proud supporter of many local Polish causes and all this is possible because of you – our donors! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support over the years that made many local projects and events possible.

SPF is a 501(c)(3) charity and all donations are tax deductible. The IRS tax identification number is EIN 91-2152458. The Foundation also accepts donations on  behalf of other local Polish organizations that may lack the tax exempt status.

What you can support with a donation to SPF

When donating, you can indicate an area where you would like your money to be spent, such as education.  You can also indicate a specific cause that you would like to support, such as a local event, initiative or fundraiser. SPF accepts such donations if they are in line with our mission and follows donors’ intentions.

To indicate the cause, write a comment on your check, or in an appropriate online field. You can also send a letter do the Foundation or contact SPF Officers to explain how you would like your donation to be applied.

What you can donate

  • Money, by check or using a PayPal account or a credit card.
  • Bonds, stock, annuity benefits and last will and testament bequests
  • In-kind donations; past examples included TV sets and projectors, Microsoft software, books and movies, and even construction materials
  • Volunteer time – some companies, such as Microsoft, pay for the time their employees spent volunteering with SPF, at a rate of about $20 per hour. Technically, volunteer time is a type of  in-kind donations.

How you can donate

  • To donate online, please click on one of the Donate buttons below.
  • To donate by check, please write the check to Seattle Polish Foundation and send it to the SPF address.
  • To donate in-kind, please contact SPF Officers.
  • To donate bonds, stock, annuity benefits or last will and testament bequests, please contact SPF Officers.

Donation Matching

A lot of local corporations offer donation matching. If you work for one of those companies, we encourage you to apply for a match. Donation matching can double our funding and accelerate our programs. Here is the link to a website that lists all Seattle companies with matching gift programs and detailed information on how to apply.

SPF funds guiding your donations

Over the years, the Foundation created several funds to streamline internal tracking of donations for typical areas and causes we support frequently. The table below lists these funds and gives examples of causes supported by each fund.

Fund Examples of support
Cultural Events Fund
This fund supports local cultural events promoting Polish culture and heritage
Concerts, exhibitions, lectures with Polish interest
Educational Fund
This fund supports Polish culture and language
Polish Schools in Seattle and Bellevue, scholarships, awards
Polish Festival Fund
This funds gathers money supporting Polish Festival Seattle
Festival related expenses: PR materials, performers, food , children activities materials, volunteer expenses, etc
Polish Home Improvement Fund
This funds gathers money supporting different improvements at the Polish Cultural Center Dom Polski
Polish Home Expansion Project, film projector and screen, Kitchen remodeling
Medical and Emergency Fund
This fund gathers money supporting community individuals in an emergency
Funeral arrangements, medical expenses, financial assistance in hardship
General Fund
This fund gathers money from general, i.e. unrestricted donations. Indicate this fund if you don’t have preferences for your donation.
Used where the needs are: for cultural or educational purposes, for festivals, Polish Home improvements And others etc.